Zoe Pregnancy Center depends on the work of dedicated, compassionate volunteers to minister to girls, women and families facing an unexpected pregnancy. We have many ways in which we help people come through this difficult time in their lives. Whether working directly with clients or as support personnel, all of the programs depend heavily on volunteers.

Ministry areas include administering pregnancy tests, crisis and options counseling by peer counselors, professional counseling pregnancy support, fetal development and parental education, parenting classes, material support though thrift store, mentors, spiritual and emotional help for those struggling with the effects of past abortions, fundraising, abstinence education, prayer support, and public awareness.

Your investment of time and effort will make a difference for life.


Every volunteer job at Zoe Pregnancy center, Inc. is important. Some people are tempted to think that their talents and abilities are not needed. Yet God calls us to use what we have been given, even the small things. While there are some jobs that seem more exciting, like crisis counseling, all of the support positions allow the client contact volunteers to do their ministry effectively. Each one of us is called to do our part. The ministry to hurting women and families depends on many people with many different skills answering God's call. You can be a part of an answer in someone's life.

Some of the positions available at Zoe Pregnancy Center, Inc. are:

  • Peer Counselor- both male and female
  • Professional counselor
  • Receptionist
  • Office help
  • Special events, projects or fundraisers
  • Director's Assistant
  • Thrift Store - Sorters/Clerks
  • Mentor
  • Phone work - help-line or project related
  • Child care for other volunteers
  • Prayer partners
  • Church Liaisons
  • Janitors and carpenters

If you are interested in volunteering, please give us a call at 505-454-4357 or fill out the form below:

* indicates a required field.

Most volunteer positions require some basic training. Short term or event volunteers will work directly with a committee chair person. Contact our office to indicate your interest or fill out the above form. You may be asked to attend an orientation session. During the orientation you will be given an application. If you are volunteering for a position that requires extra training, you may be asked to volunteer in some other way until you can complete your training.

Hours of Operation:
Monday  -  Friday
10:00 a.m.  --  3:00 p.m.