Earn While You Learn

While many tactics rely on cold-contacts (billboards, phone book, etc), Earn While You Learn creates an environment where your services are promoted between friends. The young women in your EWYL classes have circles of friends that include those who are the most abortion vulnerable. When an unplanned pregnancy occurs, many times it is to the friends that women first go - and those friends can tell them about your center. Most centers using EWYL don’t just see a dramatic increase in visits for instruction - they also see a significant increase in abortion minded appointments.

Giving things away free only enables our clients and fosters the entitlement mentality. With EWYL, clients come to you to learn how to be good parents. In the process, they form healthy bonds with their parenting instructors. In the end, they are able to walk out of your center with much-needed items for their babies and a pride in their sense of accomplishment. The lessons they learn are crucial to the emotional and physical well being of their babies and break cycles of poor parenting, neglect and abuse.

EWYL is written in an easy to use, easy to understand format. The lessons are presented using DVDs, worksheets, reading and verbal information with supporting graphics. Clients will see, hear and read the information, then take home homework lessons that reinforce what they learned. When this information is presented by a parenting instructor who they come to know and respect, the results are dramatic and life changing.